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2012 Utah Senatorial Debate
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Utah Senatorial Debate

The hour-long debate between Republican incumbent Orrin Hatch and Democratic challenger Scott Howell was hosted by Professor David B. Magleby, founder of the Brigham Young University Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy and produced at the BYU Broadcasting studios.

Professor Magleby notes, "Elections matter and the 2012 election will be especially consequential.  The debate between candidates Howell and Hatch is an important tool for Utah voters. I applaud both candidates and Utah’s public television and radio stations for providing this public service."

"Debates provide unfiltered access to candidates on the issues shaping our lives," says KUED's Ken Verdoia. "They are an essential tool for voters. As public broadcasters, we are proud to provide this service to Utah."

Photos from the Debate: